Hey, I'm Namphuong.

I’m a multidisciplinary designer based in San Francisco with 10+ years of experience. Currently at Wanderlog. Previously Doordash. Oh and I like taking photos too.


Collect info

I normally like to start by asking questions. A lot of them. Why are we doing this? What’s the problem or objective? What are we trying to solve? All the while heavily factoring in empathy with who we’re trying to solve this for.


After collecting sufficient information about a project, I can start brainstorming ideas through sketching/whiteboarding and turn them into wireframes or lo-fi mocks. At this stage, it’s also great to loop in my fellow design team for early feedback and a sanity check.


When everything sounds solid, I’ll build a quick prototype to test and this is where we can validate our assumptions! We’re either totally wrong and use the feedback to iterate and repeat, or it checks out and we ship it ⛵️

Rinse & Repeat

Once it’s live in production, it doesn’t always stop there because I believe most projects are never completely finished. There are so many things that could always be improved on and thus starts the cycle again.


Here are a variety of snippets of my past projects. For a more detailed walkthrough, please get in touch with me.


Hey there, I’m a product designer based in wonderfully foggy San Francisco. Over the years, I have been lucky enough to familiarize myself with UI/UX thinking around like-minded people, but I like to believe my specialization truly shines in the visual department (appealing little bonus.)

Outside of design, I love traveling, photography, lettering, DIYing, hiking, making music, and daydreaming about the day I can open my own boba shop. Also, I created a tiny human.